IMG_0927“I personally consider Mr. Bolling to be a professional par excellence. He is adept at not only making lasting and valuable connections, but is also skillful at connecting like-minded people and organizations with others that share similar missions and visions.” – Brandon Flood, Former Executive Director, Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus

“I read (and enjoyed) your Huffington Post article on the NBA’s global efforts. Thanks, Louis. Again, it’s a great story on our global efforts. Really appreciate it.” – Elliot Steinbaum, Senior Manager, NBA International Communications

“Louis is a connector. He is constantly sending us information about opportunities for our young people. He is well known in the community and is constantly learning more about each organization so that he can share valuable resources with others.” – Aaron Bass, Former Chief of Staff, KIPP Philadelphia Schools

“I can say without equivocation that, without Coach Louis’ efforts, I would not have been able to attain the levels of success I enjoyed the past two years. His constant support helped boost my confidence, not only as a tennis player and a captain of the team, but also in my academics and other aspects of my life.  Coach Louis’ superb coaching, organizational and communication skills, were not only important to me, but to the entire team as well.” – Caitlin Gallagher, Haverford College Women’s Tennis & 2013 Centennial Conference Player of the Year

“Louis is a highly motivated and motivating coach. He is a rare man who is able to ensure his passion for sport couples well with his sense of philanthropy. He is a highly ethical and dedicated man. He is a likable person with strong social skills. I endorse the quality of the person” – Marc Lubner, CEO, Afrika Tikkun & Executive Chairman, Smile Foundation

“Louis is a hard worker.” – Curtis Symonds, CEO, HBCU Network & Hoop Dreams/Former COO, Washington Mystics & Executive Vice President, BET

Letter from Gail Johnson Nkosis Haven Feb 2009

“Louis Bolling is an effective executive who has the ability to design and implement a complicated project.” – Ray Benton, CEO, Junior Tennis Champions Center

“Louis worked directly for me as a summer intern for Gatorade. Louis did an awesome job and was very enthusiastic. Louis helped lead a new back-to-school 3×3 basketball tournament at colleges in the Eastern Region.” – Laura Ranquist Jaeger, Former International Marketing Manager & Regional Sports/Event Marketing Manager, Gatorade & Tropicana

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Louis Bolling for providing us with this and other opportunities. Louis has been fundamental to our distribution success, and we’re lucky to have his unconditional support.” – Kyle Bowles, Co-Producer, LIMBO


Photo, by Liam Lynch for Dazed & Confused RED edition (2007), taken at Ellis Park Tennis Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa,