LifeBrand engages K-12 schools, colleges & universities nationwide

“It’s been 234 weeks since LifeBrand was founded. 234 weeks of planning, building, navigating and adjusting,” LifeBrand President and Chief Executive Officer and President, T.J. Colaiezzi, shared on Facebook earlier this week.

“234 weeks later and I feel like we’re still in our infancy towards our true potential.”

This past week LifeBrand was in classrooms, auditoriums and community centers from coast to coast, leading Colaiezzi to believe he is witnessing the startup company’s vision “starting to come together.”

“This past week we provided our education and technology for Saint Joseph’s University, the Philadelphia 76ers G League affiliate the Delaware Blue Coats, the Lincoln High School Football team, and the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles,” Colaiezzi, continued.

LifeBrand also spent time at Endicott College’s Employee Benefits Fair.

The need for social media education and success tools is at an all time high as our world continues to evolve within the digital landscape.

“After 234 weeks it seems like LifeBrand has finally crafted the perfect mix of technology, strategy and education for our clients,” wrote Colaiezzi, a 2022 Finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Greater Philadelphia Competition.

As the tangible resume gets replaced by social media, the importance of having a clean, professional, personal brand across all platforms grows.

“After 4 long years of trying to build the only Nationally Accredited Social Media Course in the country we received word that our Social Media Accountability & Awareness (SMAA) Certification now carry’s the prestigious designation of Nationally Accredited.”

The newly accredited online version of the course will be available for distribution and purchase by the end of the year, as the LifeBrand team and ambassadors continue to blaze trails in K-12 schools, colleges and universities across the nation, according to Colaiezzi.

LifeBrand offers a technology that helps clean up social media accounts and helps clients build strategic personal brands through their digital finger prints.

Under the guidance of Saint Joseph’s University’s Director of Student-Athlete Development, Erick Woods, LifeBrand conducted a series of workshops for the institution’s student-athletes, educating them on the importance of cultivating a professional and positive personal brand on their social media accounts.

At the end of the workshop, the students gained access to their personal LifeBrand Dashboard indefinitely, which is not seen or reviewed internally by their university or LifeBrand.

Adam Weiss, a LifeBrand employee, recently spent a day with the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

The College Bound workshop conducted supported local high school seniors by helping them create an “awesome” college application, presenting tools and success tips on how to secure financial aid and scholarships.

Weiss has also worked closely with San Diego, California’s Lincoln High School Football Team and a small group of college bound female seniors to help give them a competitive advantage with future college applications and career opportunities by sponsoring LifeBrand Social Media Cleanings.

LifeBrand is a proud sponsor of San Diego, California’s Lincoln High School. Submitted photo.

LifeBrand staff member David MacGilvray recently visited one of the company’s proud partners, Gillette Stadium, alongside Peabody High School’s Football Team captains, Coach Mark Bettencourt and Superintendent of Peabody Public Schools (Massachusetts), Josh Vadala, Ed.D.

“The LifeBrand team stays on the move!” Colaiezzi wrote, on the heels of announcing a partnership with Game Plan, the leader in total athlete development.

By joining the Game Plan Expert Network, LifeBrand will be able to share its knowledge and insights around this topic, directly to the athlete.

“At LifeBrand, we aim to help people build stronger personal brands through social media,” said Jemma Barbarise-Kelley, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of LifeBrand.

“Partnering with Game Plan further expands our reach to student athletes.,” Barbarise-Kelley said of the new partnership that marks the first for LifeBrand in the Athlete Development space.

For more information about how your school, college, university and students can benefit from LifeBrand AI-powered technology, please contact the company’s Vice President of Sales, Business Development and Education Division, John Davis at


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