Former DEA agent shares insight into solving America’s opioid epidemic

Addressing challenges and strategies to combat America’s opioid epidemic, at Camden’s Cooper Medical School of Rowan University last week, the Former DEA Supervisory Special Agent and President of The TITAN Group said “As various strategies for addressing the rising tide of addiction and abuse of opioid pain medications were discussed, one of the issues that came up was the stigma of opioid addiction.”
“No one chose to be an addict,” said Teitelman, who “never once” in his 26 years in the field meet “someone that wanted to be an addict.”
Citing “a lack of willingness to discuss the epidemic, particularly for anyone who has dealt with opioid abuse firsthand,” the expert in “all things drugs” said “those who have lost someone to opioid addiction, or who are currently dealing with an addicted loved one, don’t want to talk about it.”
Read the entire article here.

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