Philadelphia Councilman leads festive gathering of politicos, industry leaders of color [PHOTO GALLERY]

Honoring the emergence of bipartisan leaders of color in Pennsylvania and New York, Philadelphia City Councilman At-Large, Derek Green, recently hosted the 7th Annual The League of 1789 PA Society reception.
“It is important that we acknowledge diverse officials who are indispensable to the community for which they serve,” said Councilman Green, a PA Society member and counsel with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel.
“Thank you to our sponsors and invited guests for attending our 7th Annual The League of 1789 PA Society reception.”
Speaking on the origin of The League of 1789 reception, Councilman Green said he and supporters of the social gathering celebrated diversity and leadership by recognizing the achievements of Montgomery County Commissioner, Kenneth Lawrence Jr., and New York City Deputy Mayor, Richard Buery.
“I am honored to be included in this event recognizing a long history of leadership and diversity,” said Lawrence, Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Commissioners.
“Organizations like The League of 1789 recognize the importance of bringing all people to the table and inspiring a new generation of leaders,” said Lawrence, who was honored by fellow political, civic and business leaders from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.
Photos by WASTED TNELAT unless noted otherwise.

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