Celebrated for ‘BuildingUnity,’ Harvard Law Review and Motown presidents to receive African Diaspora Awards


Celebrating excellence while acknowledging the international impact of those from the African Diaspora, Applause Africa Communications will host its highly anticipated African Diaspora Awards, at the French Institute and the Alliance Française de New York, this weekend.

“Many of us have accomplished a lot individually in our respective host states,” said Debo Folorunsho, Founder and CEO of Applause Africa and African Diaspora Awards (ADAs).

“However, we have not done much together,” said the Art Institute of New York trained Graphic Artist and Executive Producer of the seventh edition of the annual event.

“These awards provide a platform on which all of our individual accomplishments can be synergized and harnessed. The power of togetherness for greater purposes such as achieving peace, unity, social and economic development in order to build a vibrant society,” said Folorunsho, a dedicated member of New York’s African Diaspora community.

Read the entire article here.


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