NJ CannaBusiness Association sponsors Athletes For CARE appearance at Arcview International Investor Forum

The sole nonprofit organization to present at this year’s Arcview Investor and Pitch Forum, Athletes For Care (A4C) is set to distinguish itself as a cannabis industry innovator, leader and passionate advocate.

Generously sponsored by the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), A4C is dedicated to creating a community where athletes can find support, opportunity and purpose in life after a career in professional sports. Founded by a group of pro athletes, united as one voice, to advocate for research and education when addressing important issues facing athletes and the public at large, A4C will present at the “Shark Tank”-like pitch forum.

“In the emerging cannabis industry, entrepreneurship plays a key role. If we want to fuel change, we need influential players on board,” said Scott Rudder, President and Founder of New Jersey CannaBusiness Association and Burton Trent Public Affairs Partner.

Marking the second time A4C and NJCBA have partnered, the Arcview Investor and Pitch Forum provides the two organizations a unique opportunity to support their ongoing efforts to development and grow entrepreneurial endeavors, within the cannabis industry, throughout the country.

“When it comes to advocating for compassion and change in the medicinal cannabis space, professional athletes need to be heard,” said Rudder, a former New Jersey State Legislator and Mayor.

Read the entire article here.


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