Technology the talk of the tennis industry, governing bodies set to showcase digital integration opportunities

Featuring the latest developments in technology products, software and services that integrate with tennis, the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) will host its inaugural Tennis Technology Conference & Expo (TTCE) at Hilton Head Island’s Marriott Resort next month.

Addressing how to economically implement cutting-edge technology into coaching and tennis businesses practices, the TTCE features on-court demonstrations, classroom tutorials and information sessions and presentations made by industry leaders discussing Tracking Trends, How to Increase Profits, Capturing and Analyzing Video, Implementing Video Analysis, On Court Technology and Software Integration.

Headlining the two-day TTCE, preceding the PTR Directors of Tennis Conference, are highly regarded performance physiologist, researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach, Dr. Mark Kovacs; Josh Graves, head of North America sales with PlaySight; Oivind Sorvald, director of high performance and education at the Norwegian Tennis Federation; and Furqan Iqbal, CEO of Sports Analytics.

The largest global organization of tennis coaching professionals with more than 15,700 members in 125 countries, PTR has the greatest percentage of multicultural and women members of any such organization.

Dedicated and committed to educating, certifying and servicing tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game, PTR’s TTCE aims to engage and embrace technology companies and leaders, of the 4th Industrial Revolution, that want to conduct business with the tennis industry.

During this year’s U.S. Open Championships, Dr. Paul Lubbers — the USTA’s senior director of coaching education and sports science, said the goal of his work with Hawk-Eye, the industry-leading ball-tracking technology behind tennis’ challenge system, is to “provide meaningful information, derived from data, to help coaches make decisions.”

Lubbers said Hawk-Eye has amassed a treasure trove of data from years of tour-level matches, which he described as incredibly rich and productive.

Harnessing information developed by IBM’s well-known “Keys to the Match,” IBM’s program manager for global sponsorship marketing, John Kent, said “Think of seven courts worth of video, from matches going on at the same time.”

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