Leading global education initiative set to convene next month in Qatar


The World Innovation Summit for Education, the leading global initiative for innovation and collaboration in education, is set to convene next month in Doha, Qatar.

Since its establishment by Qatar Foundation in 2009, the biennial global WISE Summit gathers policymakers, educators, entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders from around the world to explore current trends and share their visions for co-designing the future of education.

“When it comes to preparing students for the future, teachers today have a tough task,” said 2017 WISE Summit speaker Dr. Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder of the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Foundation and Executive Vice Chair of KIPP Houston.

“In the predictable economy of the past, educators could get kids ready for a job that would last their whole lives, whether it was working in a factory or being a family doctor. But with the advent of robotics, artificial intelligence, and more, there is no roadmap for what jobs will look like 10 or 20 years from now.”

“That’s why the role of classroom teachers must evolve to keep pace with the changes in the global economy and society. It’s crucial because teachers are the key to the quality of any school,“ said Feinberg, a University of Pennsylvania and Teach For America alum.

Read the entire article here.


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