International Women’s Squash Week concludes as US Squash, Philadelphia host the world’s best

International Women’s Squash Week recently concluded, celebrating and engaging women and girls in the sport throughout the world. Since 2012, the governing body of American squash, U.S. Squash, has led the promotional campaign to inspire women to get back on court, reconnect with old friends, and introduce new women players to the sport.

Kim Clearkin, Senior Director of National Championships and Tournament Support Services for U.S. Squash said there were “amazing” turnouts at events celebrating the Week (#WSWEEK17) “all over the country and world.”

Responsible for managing all U.S. Squash national events and Junior Championship Tournaments (JCTs), Clearkin also leads the U.S. Squash Women’s committee.

“50 events across 27 states, that’s a new record,” Clearkin posted on Facebook, acknowledging events that took place in EnglandCanadaAustralia, Hong Kong and South Africa as well.

“So many new hosts and record participation everywhere from Minnesota, Chattanooga, Portland, Denver and North Carolina, to the stalwarts of Boston, New York and Philadelphia,” said Clearkin, a Oxford University alum and former U.S. National Champion.

Read the entire article here.


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