African & American Leaders of The 4th Industrial Revolution: Catherine Duggan

Global Leadership: African & American Leaders of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Thomson Reuters’ Euvin Naidoo, a Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government senior fellow, will conclude a three-day series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa later today. Last week Naidoo moderated a panel discussion on Africa’s investment and innovation landscape, exploring the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, during the United Nations General Assembly week.

Among the expert group of panelists featured was African Leadership University’s Dr. Catherine Duggan.

“I grew up living in Chicago but dreaming about Africa,” Duggan penned in Is this the African Century? I’m betting my career on it last year.

“I spent nearly a decade as a professor at Harvard Business School telling people about Africa from the confines of my wood-paneled office. Explaining the promise of the continent to people who had never been; reassuring people who were nervous to go. Encouraging students with African parents to follow their hearts back to the continent. Trying to tell the story of African business — the innovation and excitement that I see every time I set foot on the continent — to as many people and in as many ways as I could,” Duggan stated.

Read the entire article here.


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