African & American Leaders of The 4th Industrial Revolution: Mariéme Jamme


Global Leadership: African & American Leaders of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Led by Euvin Naidoo, Head of Financial Institutions – Africa at Thomson Reuters, Mariéme Jamme was one of an esteemed group of panelists and industry leaders that participated in A Discussion on the Investment Landscape in Africa last week in association with the United States Chamber of Commerce Africa Business Center.

Addressing Africa’s burgeoning investment and business opportunities, unmatched agricultural potential and rapidly growing consumer markets, Jamme was one of many on the impressive list of panelists and guests deserving of being highlighted.

A true visionary, Jamme’s goal is to empower 1 million young women and girls, globally, to become coders by 2030 and to align with the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The newest board member of the World Wide Web Foundation, Jamme aims to advance the Foundation’s gender and digital equality agenda.

“I was deeply impressed by her remarkable achievement despite so many challenges she has confronted in her life,” said Fengfeng Gu, a G(irls)20 Ambassador and 2017 Delegate of China.

“Most importantly, I admire her compassion, courage, and vision for the cause of women’s rights and livelihood. When IamtheCODE launched in China, I was both excited and honored to be there and support Marieme because I’m certain a program like this will make a change,” Gu said.

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